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life [ 07/26/08]
[ mood | loved ]

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Sunscreen (original) [ 01/01/07]

Sunscreen (original)
"Sunscreen (original)" on Google Video

[ 12/16/06]
my phone might be getting turned on again
but this time with unlimited texting???

[ 11/11/06]
i drive a stick really well. i almost killed erika and myself tonight. it was hella fun she should just admit it. i mean, in the midst of "im going to die tonight" you think "GOD DAMN THIS IS FUN"
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[ 10/31/06]
AH this halloween sucks im so fucking bored
adam and darius are like come outside blah blah just leave stop being grounded
iughdjkfhdkjfhdjkfhaklhjkfalfhjdkf i wish it was that easy!

[ 09/19/06]
[ mood | overwhelmed ]

i like him a lot.
his actions are so adorableee i can't even explain
gosh boys.
i wonder if he's lying when he says he can see us together for a long time. i wonder if he's lying when he tells me he did it for me "out of love"

[ 09/10/06]
oh wow. i was at the bus stop by the hard rock, and this scary old white dude came up to me and pulled out money from his wallet and was all talking to me and hella into our conversation and telling me that i had the most beautiful eyes he'd ever seen in his life, you know, and then these guys with twisties and blunts were like "ARE YOU A MOLESTER?" and then they started to yell at him and my gentleman caller ran away. but these people are really nice and we talked for hours. i miss them.

ummmmmm so yeah. life is mucho EXCELLENTE.hahaha.
kev:in/out gave me a dime of something. A+ what a nice boy.

[ 09/06/06]

i love being a junior.

i love all my new friends. i love the girl in career pathways who says "THIS GO 18 DUMMY, BOOBOO." 

ahh i love life. i can't wait for winter clothes.

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[ 08/23/06]

here's my schedule!

1.  English 11                         Troxler
2. US History                          Szostak
3. Algebra II                            Purinton
4. Spanish II                            Balluff
5. Digital Arts & Media         Balluff

school is nuts! i love it. i made a bunch of new friends. all the juniors have the same schedule so we never leave each other except for on Wednesdays when we go to career pathways. graphic design is fun. our instructor has printed artwork. he's super nice but can't control the class.
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[ 08/06/06]
[ mood | pissed off ]

if i wasn't GROUNDED, i'd be watching fucking WU TANG. holy shit wtf. along with a tribe called quest and DE LA.

i am so upset.

edit: jesus christ, special guests mos def and talib kweli and dave chappelle

i am so jealous. i would MURDER SOMEONE WITH NO SECOND THOUGHTS TO SEE THIS. kjshsfkjsdkjs i am about to die.


[ 07/27/06]
toe-kneeCollapse ) my brother is coooool
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LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!!!! [ 07/20/06]

[ 07/18/06]
[ mood | excited ]

85/100 on the internet driving school test.
holy shit i can't believe it.
i can't picture myself driving. :D


this actually took a while lol [ 07/16/06]
[ mood | proud ]

haha photoshop
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the asian place [ 07/11/06]
summerCollapse )
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lol! [ 07/08/06]
this video will make you lol

i love wutang clan [ 07/05/06]
man fucking myspace dude, i deleted that bullshit.
feels like an immense weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

omg i went to waterworld and it is the biggest waste of money in my whole life.
oh but i love the ghetto lifeguards that ask me what grade i am in. when i told him, he was like 'PERFECT.'
he had a nice fro. but yeah i was like wtf are you talking about after a while and then i just left because he should of been watching the children so they dont drown and die.

but then he kept blowing his whistle at me when i was in the lazy river lolooooooool

aw summer
there is a ridiculous picture of me somewhere to sum up this summerrrrrr.
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[ 06/24/06]
[ mood | bored ]

haha flashlight hide and seek was fun

a lot of it was carson alex mason me shawn(sp) and erika smoking dank
i was turfed and somebody from the INTERNET was there
it was bullshit and then they left and i felt like shit cos i didnt talk to him lololol ooops

but then MAX showed up it was really weird because i didnt expect him but it was lol anyway
so then we played and then we all just gave up and chilled and maija was talking so fucking loud

oh and then when mason was trying to roll a fattie blunt the swisher ripped o noes and this insanely angry fat woman was screaming at us to stop being rude in the castle and does she want us to call the cops

well it was a lot of fun
specially when i rode maijas bike around the bike pond
best feeling ever

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[ 06/19/06]
so at this time in my life, i am in love with:

flashlight hide and seek
indoor marco polo
the same 10 people i see almost everyday of my life
weird tans
e-40 and the oooh (my life)

summer is so goooood.
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[ 06/16/06]
i think i have tonsilitis omg


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